Alimentatore Compatibile per ACER 65W 19V 3.42A (5.5 x 1.7) Aspire AP.0650A.012




Alimentatore Compatibile per ACER 65W 19V 3.42A (5.5 x 1.7) Aspire AP.0650A.012

CoreParts Power Adapter for Acer 65W 19V 3.42A Plug:5.5*1.7 Including EU Power Cord – AP.06501.033

Power Adapter for Acer 65W 19V 3.42A Plug:5.5*1.7 Including EU Power Cord – AP.06501.033

In CoreParts you will find a range of adapters that match the performance of your original adapter with different capacities and manufactured by high-end, certified and trusted suppliers.

Compatibile con:

Acer Aspire Z1650_WD, Z1650, V7-582P, V7-581P, V7-581, V7-482P, V7-481P, V7-481, V5-573P, V5-573, V5-572P, V5-572, V5-571PG, V5-571P, V5-571G, V5-571, V5-561PG, V5-561G, V5-552P, V5-552, V5-551G, V5-551, V5-531PG, V5-531P, V5-531G, V5-531, V5-473P, V5-473, V5-472P, V5-472, V5-471PG, V5-471P, V5-471G, V5-471, V5-431PG, V5-431P, V5-431G, V5-431, V5-131, V5-123, V5 15,6″, V3-771, V3-731, V3-572PG, V3-572G, V3-571G, V3-571, V3-551, V3-531, V3-472PG Mostra di più Aspire One D270, D257, D250, 721 Aspire Revo RL70_HE450, RL70, RL101, RL100 Aspire Timeline 5810T, 4810T, 3810T, 1810T eMachines Z1700, R1402, R1401, G730Z, G730, G729ZG, G729Z, G729G, G725, G720, G640G, G640, G630, G627, G625, G620, G525, G520, G443G, G443, G430, G420, E732ZG, E732Z, E732G, E732, E730Z, E730G, E730, E729Z, E729, E728, E727, E725, E720, E644G, E644, E642, E640G, E640, E630, E628, E627, E625, E620, E529, E528, E527, E525, E520 Mostra di più Extensa 7630Z, 7630EZ, 7630, 7230E, 7230, 712TEV SERIES, 712TE, 711TE, 710DX/710T/710TE, 6700, 6600, 5735G-2, 5635ZG-2, 5635ZG, 5635Z, 5635G-2, 5635G, 5635-2, 5635, 5630Z, 5630EZ, 5630, 5620Z, 5620G, 5620, 5610, 5510Z, 5430, 5420, 5410, 5235, 5230E, 5230, 5220, 5210, 5200, 5010, 4630Z, 4630, 4620Z, 4620, 4420, 4230, 4220, 4130, 4120, 4100-D2, 4100, 3100, 3000, 3001 Mostra di più Ferrari ONE 200, 1200, 1100 Series, 1000 Series Gateway TC78C Series, TC73C Series, TC72C Series, NV79, NV78, NV77H, NV76R, NV75S, NV74, NV73, NV59C, NV59, NV58, NV57H, NV56R, NV56, NV55S, NV55C, NV54, NV53A, NV53, NV52L, NV52, NV51M, NV51B, NV51, NV50A, NV48, NV44, NV42, NV40, NS51i, NS51C, NS50T, NS41I, NS41C, NS40TG, NS40T, NS40GTG, NS30I, NO51IE, NO51I, NO20T, N78G SERIES, N74G SERIES, LT32, ID58 UMA, ID58 N10, ID56 UMA, EC49C Mostra di più Iconia ICONIA LCD Monitors T272HLT, T232HLT, HR274HT, HN274HT, HN274HBT, H274HT, FT240HQLT TravelMate TM8573T, TM8573, TM8572Z, TM8572TG, TM8572T HF, TM8572T, TM8572 HF, TM8572, TM8571G, TM8571, TM8531, TM8481TG, TM8481T, TM8481G, TM8481, TM8473Z, TM8473T, TM8473, TM8472Z, TM8472T HF, TM8472T, TM8472 HF, TM8472, TM8471G, TM8471, TM8431, TM8372Z HF, TM8372Z, TM8372TZ, TM8372T HF, TM8372T, TM8372 HF, TM8372, TM8331, TM7750Z, TM7750, TM7740G, TM7740, TM7730G, TM7730, TM7530G, TM7530, TM7330, TM6595T, TM6595, TM6594e, TM6594, TM6592, TM6495T, TM6495 Mostra di più TravelMate P P653-V, P653-M, P645-VG, P645-V, P645-SG, P645-S, P645-MG, P645-M, P643-V, P643-M, P633-V, P633-M, P455-MG, P455-M, P453-M, P273-M, P256-MG, P255-MPG, P255-MG, P255-M, P253-M, P253-E, P246-MG, P245-MPG, P245-MP, P245-MG, P245-M, P243-M TravelMate Timeline 8571, 8471, 8372, 8371 TravelMate X TMX483G, TMX483 Veriton Z291G, Z290G, N4630GW, N4620GE, N282G, N281G, N280G, N270G, N260G, N2120G Asus B Notebook Series B400VC, B400A P Notebook Series P500CA Z Notebook Series Z53Jc, Z53J Fujitsu Amilo DP2000 Series Maxdata Pro Series Pro 7000X, Pro 5000X Medion MEDION MD6179 / WIM 2000 MSI Gaming GX710, GX620, GX610 Notebook CX700, A6000, A5000, A4000 NEC VERSA P440 Packard Bell Butterfly M-FM-440NC, M DOT A EasyNote TX86, TX62HR, TV44HC, TV44CM, TV43HC, TV43CM, TV11HC, TV11CM, TSX66HR, TS45SB, TS45HR, TS44SB, TS44HR, TS13SB, TS13HR, TS11SB, TS11HR, TR81, TM99, TM98, TM97, TM94, TM93, TM89, TM87, TM86, TM85, TM83, TM82, TM81, TM80, TM05, TM01, TK87, TK85, TK83, TK81, TK37, TK36, TK13BZ, TK13, TK11BZ, TK11, TJ78, TJ77, TJ76, TJ75, TJ74, TJ73, TJ72 Mostra di più iMedia N3610 IPOWER 7000 Series oneTwo S3280, S3270, M3600 Tsunami SPEEDER 1557, 1555 TRAVELLER 1557 Mostra di più


Design Housing colour Black On/off switch N Features Adjustable output voltage N Certification CE Compatibility Acer Aspire 1551, 3820, 3820T, 3820TZ, 4250, 4251, 4252, 4253, 4253G, 4333, 4339, 4349, 4350, 4551, 4551G, 4552, 4553, 4625, 4625G, 4710G, 4733Z, 4738, 4738G, 4738Z, 4738ZG, 4739, 4739Z, 4740, 4740G, 4741 Country of origin China Detachable power connectors Y Housing material Plastic Input frequency 50 – 60 Hz Input voltage 110-230 V Output power 65 Watt Output voltage 19 V Power current type AC-to-DC Power supply type Indoor Product colour Black Purpose Notebook Other features AC adapter weight 100 g Batteries included N Overload protection Y Short circuit protection Y Package dimensions Depth 12,8 cm Gross Weight 0,374 kg Height 5,3 cm Width 18,8 cm Packaging content Included power plug types EU Packaging data Cables included AC Quantity per pack 1 pc(s) Performance Connector(s) 5.5*1.7 Power AC adapter output current 3,42 A Automatic output voltage adjustment Y Input operation voltage (min) 100 V Product dimensions Height (product,cm) 4 cm Net Weight (Product, kg) 0,25 kg Technical details Plug 1 dimensions 5.5*1.7 mm Power 65 Watt Power consumption (standby) 0,21 Watt Vendor information Brand Name CoreParts Warranty 1 Anno(i)


AP.0650A.012, AP.06501.009, AP.06503.012, AP.06501.007, AP.06503.016, LC.ADT01.004, LC.ADT01.006, PA-1650-01, AP.06501.013, ADP-65VH, AP.06501.026, AP.06503.024, AP.06503.006, KP.06503.010, AP.06501.022, KP.06501.002, AP.06503.029, AP.06501.027,

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